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Roberta teacher training

Certification as a Roberta teacher

In order to enthuse girls and boys about MINT topics from an early school age and to nip in the bud any fears they might have relating to technology and natural sciences or to stop them from developing in the first place, Fraunhofer IAIS has been offering certified Roberta teacher training courses for well over ten years now.

The Roberta teacher training course

  • talks participants through the handling of the robot kits
  • shows them how to safely use the robots' hardware and software
  • grounds the course content using examples and experiments.

Discussions about behavioral differences between girls and boys in robot courses take priority, as future Roberta teachers should also be focussing on a gender-appropriate course content.

The course contains suggestions about how to devise and bring to life your own course elements because it is important that certified Roberta teachers can subsequently design their own courses based on the Roberta course materials. Following successful participation on the course the certification process is completed in the Roberta portal. Participants also have the opportunity when applying to access additional Roberta material and to exchange information and experience with other Roberta teachers.

Our participants

Roberta teacher training is suitable for teachers of any subject taught at school as well as for people with an educational background who already have technical experience. The joy of teaching technical subjects to young people is, of course, a basic prerequisite for all Roberta teachers.