Roberta Network

Central to the development, quality assurance and expansion of Roberta courses is the national and international RobertaRegioZentren network. Their aim is to support interested teaching staff and participants within their region. They are also where certified Roberta teachers are given their teaching and learning materials and are able to borrow robot kits for their Roberta courses if required. With help from the EU financed “Roberta Goes EU” project, the Roberta concept has been successfully extended to further EU countries since 2005. There is now a European RobertaRegioZentren network supporting the cross-border cooperation of country-specific education institutions. There are RobertaRegioZentren in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Sweden and England.

Fraunhofer Academy

A first-class education is the foundation of a promising career – this is true more today than it ever has been. Innovation progresses with ever increasing speed, the economic climate is changing constantly and globalization has meant increasing competition and pressure from foreign countries. Those who are not afraid to successfully tackle these challenges often find that traditional academic studies or conventional vocational training no longer fit the bill on their own. Life-long learning has become essential.

Fraunhofer understands these developments and can provide skilled personnel and executives in all areas of commerce with excellent further education opportunities through its Fraunhofer Academy. All further education courses offered by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have the advantage of being accessible under one roof allowing a seamless and unique transfer of knowledge from the Fraunhofer research to business. Every single course on offer benefits from the fact that the latest scientific and research findings will be automatically incorporated into the course content – a real pact for research and innovation.

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