Businesses can also become Roberta partners

Roberta makes use of teaching and learning materials suitable for use in a classroom setting. The initiative supports multipliers working in the education system – from trial courses or high-quality coaching programs to certified Roberta teachers – in order to establish and improve technology education at school, apprenticeship and university level in the long run using robot kits. Many regional centers, the so-called RobertaRegioZentren, were set up for that purpose. Roberta also supports businesses participating in the Roberta Partner program to generate new talent in the technology and natural science fields.

Roberta Partner program

Interest youngsters in your business using Roberta:

  • Communicate the topics and/or technologies which are of interest to your business to more than 5,000 school children in Germany and the rest of Europe.
  • Motivate your future employees today!
  • Treat Roberta as a new employee in your business.