Roberta – a Fraunhofer IAIS initiative

The Roberta initiative and its objectives and challenges

In a "situation of experience" the cognitive network and the emotional network in our brains are activated simultaneously and things which have been activated simultaneously in our brains are linked. This "experience" is something different altogether than all of that knowledge … that I had to learn by heart!

Prof. Gerald Hüther, neuro scientist, 2012

The Roberta initiative aims to support youngsters, in particular girls, to develop a long-term interest and to be motivated to engage in information technology, technology and the natural sciences.

Experiencing Roberta

The Roberta training concept defines "sustained long-term motivation" as simultaneously imparting cognitive knowledge – in this instance from the world of MINT topics – and positive emotions. Only if both are achieved at the same time do students learn – or phrased differently achieve sustainable results.

Robot courses are at the heart of the Roberta concept. Using special, gender-appropriate teaching and learning materials and specific coaching concepts a range of educational courses have been developed over the last ten years which not only take into account how girls and boys „experience MINT“ but also how they access MINT topics.

RegionalRobertaCenters and certified Roberta teachers share their knowledge and experience in a network which now spans across the whole of Europe and are keen to continue developing the concept. Networking has been made even easier via the Roberta portal. Certified Roberta teachers are also given access to a wide variety of Roberta materials free of charge which are available in the internal section of the portal.